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- CALIFORNIA SOUL logo printed on chest
- 100% Cotton, 6.1 oz
- Comes with a sticker pack (not for sale)
- Thank you for your love and support

Celebrate the 1st anniversary of "CALIFORNIA SOUL", a 30-min surf film by Tatsuo Takei and NobodySurf. 

"CALIFORNIA SOUL" was released in August 2020 as the culmination of the NobodySurf Originals series Tatsuo has been creating for the past 2 years, capturing 23 surfers based in California. Since its release, the film is widely accepted by surfers around the globe and has exceeded 700K video views and still counting. Go watch the film from the top part of this page if you've never seen it.  

Tatsuo Takei is a freelance photographer from Osaka, Japan. Specialized surf photography since 1997. Tatsuo has been active in shooting analog film and digital formats in Japan and the United States. Featured in the article on The Surfer's Journal 25.2 issue in 2016. Published the photography book AUTHENTIC WAVE in 2018.


Size Guide

chest width: 20 in / 50 cm
shirt length: 28 in / 71 cm
sleeve length: 8 in / 20 cm

chest width: 21 in / 54 cm
shirt length: 30 in / 75 cm
sleeve length: 9 in / 22 cm

chest width: 23 in / 58 cm
shirt length: 31 in / 78 cm
sleeve length: 9 in / 23 cm

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