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Indonesian Batik Surfboard Cover / Wasabi x NobodySurf

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Wasabi x NobodySurf
The surfboard cover crafted in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.
Made possible in collaboration with Wasabi and their craftsmanship, who has been producing a variety of handmade products with handicraft artisans in Bali since 2008. Cover in seconds, packable in a handy size. Comes in 3 sizes:

  • Short (5'0 - 6'6)
  • Mid-Length (6'6 - 8'6)
  • Long (8'6 - 10'4)


Product Features
- Indonesian Batik wave logo
- Crafted in Canggu, Bali
- 100% Cotton
- 3 sizes (Short, Mid-Length, Long)
  *Check "Size Guide" for details
- Double layer on the nose and tail for extra strength
- External small pocket
- Cover in seconds
- Packable in a handy size

About Indonesian Batik
Indonesian batik is a traditional and unique dyeing method of Wax-resisted dyeing, which has a history of several centuries and was designated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2009.

About Wasabi
Wasabi is a surf equipment brand based in Bali, Indonesia. They have been producing handmade products in collaboration with artisans, with a passion for the culture of handicrafts in Bali.

Size Guide

Board length: 5’0 to 6’6
Width: 24 in / 61 cm

Board length: 6’6 to 8’6
Width: 24.8 in / 63 cm

Board length: 8’6 to 10'4
Width: 25.1 in / 64 cm

Shipping Worldwide

Shipping from Japan. It may take 1-2 weeks for the product to arrive depending on the destination. Find more here.

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