Indonesian Batik Surfboard Cover / Wasabi x NobodySurf

Celebrating the release of Wasabi x NobodySurf, the Indonesian Batik surfboard cover crafted in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

Made possible in collaboration with Wasabi and their craftsmanship, who has been producing a variety of handmade products with handicraft artisans in Bali since 2008. Cover in seconds, packable in a handy size. Comes in 3 sizes:

- Short (5'0 - 6'6)
- Mid-Length (6'6 - 8'6)
- Long (8'6 - 10'4)

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Product Features

This product is meticulously crafted on the serene island of Bali, renowned for its rich culture and artisanal heritage. Indonesia's tranquil ambiance is infused into each piece, making it a true Balinese treasure.


With its user-friendly design, this product can be deployed with ease and covered in a matter of seconds. Its convenience and practicality make it perfect for those on the go.


Cotton baby canvas 100%. This product is designed for the style surfer and comes in navy color to fit your lifestyle, and make it more at home in a moving vehicle or when stored in your room.


Catering to a variety of needs, we offer this product in three distinct sizes - Short (5'0 - 6’6), Mid-Length (6'6 - 8’6), and Long (8'6 - 10’4). This ensures a fit for all, whether you need something compact or more accommodating.


Double layer on the nose and tail for extra strength.


External small pocket for fin keys, etc.


This product’s intelligent design allows for easy packing into a handy size, making it ultra-portable and perfect for travel.


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About Indonesian Batik

Indonesian batik is a traditional and unique dyeing method of wax-resisted dyeing, which has a history of several centuries and was designated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2009.

 Find more about Wasabi x NobodySurf on NobodySurf Shop >



Jared Mell x Jimmy Jazz

Here's a special video to celeberate the release of Wasabi x NobodySurf. Thanks to Jimmy Jazz and Jared Mell, they created a nice short edit all filmed in Canggu, Bali.



About Wasabi

Wasabi is a surf equipment brand based in Bali, Indonesia. They have been producing handmade products in collaboration with artisans, with a passion for the culture of handicrafts in Bali.


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