Who We Are

NobodySurf is a place that honors and celebrates surf culture, community, and creators' craft. It's our respect, our love letter for all creators around the world. As we grow and want to support more creators together, we want to re-introduce ourselves.

NobodySurf was born out of a pure appreciation for beautiful surf videos from creators around the world. From big to independent names, modern to classic, fast to mellow, they are all works of art that inspire us. But these footages scattered across the web, and with endless information online, finding the tasteful ones can be pretty difficult. We believe that there is a need for a common space for creators and viewers that love surfing.

So we made a dedicated place where creators can share, get exposure, and collaborate with us to make epic edits. We made it so effortless to discover and enjoy these excellent works for the viewers, indexed right into our hand-picked playlist. That's what our website, app and social media represent right now.

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    NobodySurf Shop is an online popup store to support creators' craft. Hope you enjoy it.

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